Monday, November 14, 2011


It's all Kelly's fault that we can all claim to have a neurosurgeon in the family.

It's all Kelly's fault that I got a bit jealous when my boyfriend showed me some nice lightening photos he took while sitting up at "make-out-point" with Kelly (He had to explain that Kelly was his little sister.)

It's all Kelly's fault that the niece's and nephews in this family rarely said, "Please" or "Thank You", but rather thought, "You're my favorite aunt" was a great substitute for either. (To which I whole-heartedly agreed!!!)

It's all Kelly's fault that my children have seen neither Gone With the Wind nor My Fair Lady (Chris seems to have a strange aversion to both movies,.. go figure?)

Likewise,.. it's all Kelly's fault that I'm going to die laughing if either of her daughters marries a boy with the last name Higgins who happens to be pursuing a degree in phonics.

It's all Kelly's fault that we have ample opportunity to go visit D.C.

It's Kelly's fault that I think of more than just the Veterans on Veteran's Day!

What else is Kelly's fault? Well,.. that's what we'd like to know! Submit your comments to: "It's all Kelly's fault that ____________..."

After all,.... isn't that what this blog is here for???

(Oh, and come to think of it... that's her fault too!!! :) )

Kelly baby, I'm writing this for the second time just to let you know my commitment, I got distracted the first time and it got deleted. I knew it was someone's birthday on Nov 11 and I even thought it was Kelly's for a moment but I did nothing about it as Kelly would have. I don't think that is too bad considering I have 12 sibilings 7 kids & 1 wife and I have forgotten my wife's birthday twice in 30 years, that didn't go to well for me, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else.

What can I say about Kelly the blog queen? It's hard for me to picture Kelly as the sofisticated woman that she is when I still remember her as the little girl that used to perform various skits from children's TV shows like S Street & Electric Company for us at campouts & for my dates when I brought them over to the house. Those usually went on for a few mintues until I thought of a treat I could send her off for our told her to "Go tell Mom she wants you" which seemed to end in tears about 1/2 the time, not my shining moment as a older brother.

My favorite Kelly skit was the story of the Wiiiidddeee Mouutthh Frog who would go around asking all the neighborhood animals "Whaaat do you feed your BAAAABBBIESSS" everything goes fine for the frog & little Kelly's sweet face until she get's to Mrs. Alligators with the answer she feeds her babies "Wide Mouth Frogs" then the worried look & the closed mouth "oh" with a quick retreat.

Kelly is far more amazing today than she was as a little girl when I was growing up with her. She moves around the country with relative ease raising kids sometimes on her own with a deployed husband. Juggling music lessons & parent teacher conferances, finding the best schools & the best shopping, Flying out to sisters Weddings & staying in touch with recalcitrant siblings who refuse to embrace technology, or big words for that matter. Kelly I'm glad to have you as a sister, and a friend, you keep me more informed from a long ways away than I stay living close to most of my siblings. You make up for a part of what we lost in this family we we lost Mom and I know she would be very proud of you for the love that you are spreading around our family. That is the best compliment that I could give anyone.

I love you Kelly!

Love your second meanest older brother, Roland

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's My Birthday Too Yeah

I know that no one will be posting a long lavish glowing tribute to me on my birthday over here at KGC but I thought maybe as a birthday gift to me you could try and comment on the blog.  Just try it!  It could really be a great way to keep our out-of-touch family more connected.

I am having a great birthday get away with my husband thanks to Dawn coming from Utah to stay with my kids.  What a great gift.

Hope you are all doing well too.

Here's to turning 43~!