Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Richard Spencer


Hey there family!
Many of us heard stories from Gramma Vogel (Winona) about her "favorite" brother Spencer.  I did a little digging this last week and was able to find a few photos and his final resting place in Belgium.  Just thought I'd put these up for anyone else who was interested in seeing them.

He is buried in Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Henri-Chapelle, Liege, Belgium.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mission Call

Brazil-influenced eye
This sleepy little blog!  I'm sorry for not coming by more often.  It really could be so much more.  Especially with more contributers.  By now I'm sure that most of the family has heard our big news about Nathan's mission call.  He will be serving for 2 years in the Brazil Sao Paulo South mission.  Very shocking indeed.  We are in the process of processing this news.  He finishes up in Rexburg next month and will be coming home April 16th.  Yep, just booked the ticket.

By the way thank you to all the family that reached out on face book, email, phone, or text when we put the news out there.  I loved feeling all that support!  You guys are awesome.  Thanks!

Our Summer plans include getting him mission ready and taking a trip to Utah around the 4th of July.  We would welcome any visitors to the area if you are within traveling distance.  We love soaking in as many Whatcott Vogel faces as possible!

As for the rest of the Tagg family here's the skinny...

Evan: 16 and super teenagery.  Almost completed his driving requirements and ready to own a Mustang.  He needs about 4-5 K still but just came home with 60.00 he earned doing yard work today, so it's a start.

Drew: Super sweet kid still (mostly), happy violinist learning a tune called Millionaire's Ho-Down.  Look it up on UTube as it is very saweet!  He just started a new season of lacrosse.  He's a go getter.

Audrey: Just wrote an essay about a challenge she had to overcome.  It was about when her Dad went to Iraq.  She is very good.  The girl has fashion sense as well.  Her earrings are always matching.  Every. Day.

Eliza: Pleased with herself over her new found reading ability.  After finishing an easy reader booklet the other day she slammed it shut and pronounced with glee... "yeah, I can read"  She gives me good hugs

Troy and I keep very busy.  I've been working on a quilt for the girl's room with a pattern called tripple treat.  I hope it turns out.  We are pleased to be living life together.  I'm getting him a new hammock to replace the one Evan broke with his killer football over the house maneuver.  Can't wait to snuggle with him in it...


Monday, February 6, 2012

Request for Nathan Memories

Hi family, Kelly here.  Some of you may know that my oldest son Nathan is turning 18 on Feb 8th 2012.  I am in the process of planning some surprises for him.  Perhaps you'd like to see the birthday Evite photo I sent out recently...

Help us surprise Nathan on his birthday

Surprise Party for Nathan Tagg

    People are going to come dressed as their favorite redhead and we'll eat carrot cake and have an (orange) nerf-gun war and drink orange crush and gingerale.  Peppermint patties and sunscreen will be the party favors.  Perhaps I get into this a bit too much.  There's more, but I'll spare you and get to my real question...

    The second surprise he has coming will happen on his actual birthday a couple days before this friend party and that is the part I wanted to invite you to participate in if you have any desire at all.  Since Nathan is turning 18 and it's such a big milestone year I want to ask people who have memories of Nathan growing up to email me a write up of some sort for a "this is your life Nathan Tagg" type thing for him to have.  I know we have not lived close so many of you will not have a clue.  I'm not expecting anything from you.  But if you have visited me or remember something funny/touching about Nathan from one of the times we were in Utah together please email me at before Feb 8th.  Thanks a bunch.  BTW here is what Nathan looks like to jog your memory.
    What a handsome devil!

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    Merry Christmas

    Hey KGC bunch!
    Merry Christmas.  We've been awake since 7:00 hearing the stirrings of little ones peeking (against orders) in the front room.  It is now 8:36 and we are finished opening presents and eating breakfast.  Wow- that always seems to go by too fast.  All that hard work over in a matter of about 40 minutes.

    I think it's safe to say everyone was pretty happy with Christmas gifts this year.  Even my hardest one to please seemed satisfied.  When asked what their favorite gift was this year Eliza said her mood ring and her mini slinky (from the dollar bin).  Audrey said her DSi 3D (alas I thought it would be the cross-stitching kit).  Drew said his pocket watch (with chain!).  Evan said his nerf dart gun and Nathan said he loves his new Zelda video game.  My favorite was the fact that Nathan let me chop off his long unruly hair.  Troy said his favorite was when I came over and sat by him.  So I guess we all got just what we wanted : )

    I wanted to give a little something back to all of you so I am sharing one of my favorite holiday recipes here on the blog.  I promised Paula I would do so and I always keep my promises.  We call this reindeer food and we give it to our neighbors each year.  One time a neighbor came up to me and reminded me to give it to her again this season because last year they spread it out over their lawn for Santa's reindeer.  I have to say that offended me just a tad.  It's for human consumption- not squirrels or 'reindeer'

    It's awfully yummy!  Here's what you need...
    1 package (10 oz) mini pretzels (aprox 6 cups)
    5 cups Cheerios
    5 cups Corn Chex
    2 cups salted peanuts
    1 lb M & Ms (aprox 2 cups)
    2 packages vanilla (white) chips 12 oz or confectioners coating waffers (3 cups)
    3 Tbl vegetable oil (only if using vanilla white chips)

    In a very very large bowl (or 2 bowls doing half of the ingredients in each bowl), combine all the dry ingredients.  In a microwave safe bowl melt chips & oil on med/high for 2 minutes.  Stir chips.  Microwave on high for 10 seconds and stir.  Repeat until smooth.  Be careful not to burn your chocolate.  (If you have a classier way to melt your chocolate like a double boiler on the stove-top or a melt feature on your microwave, feel free to improve upon this recipe's instructions and do it your own way).

    Next pour the melted chocolate over cereal mix and stir well.  I like to then spread it out over a flat surface to let it dry.  For easier clean up you can lay down wax paper first inside a few cookie sheets.  For added festiveness you can add green & red sprinkles.  Pleas don't feed this to wild life...

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Eliza said this guy's beard didn't move when he talked... so he wasn't the real Santa.  She's pretty darn savvy.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Update from Me

    Well I heard you had a fun time at the Christmas party.  Too bad I couldn't be there to see your happy shiny faces.  I was sad to hear that more people couldn't make it.  Since you had a chance to catch up without me I will send my love and info here in the blog.  I encourage those who also were not able to attend to do the same.  If you need blog lessons just give me a call and I will hold your hand through the process : )

    Things are pretty good here.  Life has it's usual struggles but we manage to push through.  Our oldest Nathan just applied to colleges and we are crossing our fingers that he will get in to BYU Provo.  There is a chance.  If not he may end up at BYU Idaho or Utah State.  It's weird that I have a son old enough to go to college, but there it is.

    Evan is doing well in school and taking piano.  Cross country running ended well for him with a personal best at the end of the season.  Nathan ran too but mostly just for fun and sometimes he just decided to do homework or other stuff instead.  We were happy that he finished 4 years of this very difficult sport.  Evan has a fun group of friends he hangs with from church.  They have movie nights at someone's home just about every other weekend.  It's good to see him choosing good friends.  Evan is a good kid.

    Drew is becoming a stellar violinist and can now play duets without trouble with his brother Nathan.  When I think about how they struggled/ fought to get some duets together this time last year for Audrey's baptism I still get sick to my stomach.  It was a gut wrenching process then but now it's easy peasy lemon squeezy.  So they played a few numbers for the ward Christmas party and have already been commissioned to play on Christmas day in sacrament meeting.  They were quite agreeable when asked too.  I had to pick up my jaw off the floor after that.  Drew continues to be a great student and hard worker.  He may end up with an ulcer one day but he'll have good grades.  He is happy most of the time though and fun to be around.

    Audrey is a keeper for sure.  She is just a really good girl.  Do I sound braggy?  Well probably because I am bragging.  But we love her.  She recently cut off 10 inches of hair for Locks of Love (an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients).  She went into a bit of shock afterwards but she seems to be getting used to it.  It sure is nice not to have to brush though all those tangles now.  I can see why Mom always had me in short haircuts.  She liked to cut corners.  Here are some before and after shots for you...
    ready for chopping!

    still smiling here

    a bit pensive...

    no turning back now
    It was fun for her to do.  We have found all kinds of quick hairdos for her too.  Once all the attention died down she seemed happier.  I don't know where that comes from.  I am an attention hog (as you all know).

    Eliza is our little stinker.  She's a good stinker though.  She is extra good at snuggling, and she gives me lots of hugs every morning time.  It is our ritual for her to come and find me and before we start our day we have a few minutes of laughing and hugging in my big bed.  I eat it up because I know this will be my last serving.  It's awfully nice to have a loving child around when your teenagers give you so much grief.  Eliza loves gum- so if you ever get to meet her, just keep gum handy and she will be putty in your hands.  It used to be chapstick, but now it's gum- I think it's best to keep you relatives abreast of her likes/dislikes in case you ever pop in and see us.

    We are hoping to make a stop out West this summer.  If anyone is daring enough to come out and see us we would be super welcoming.  There's lots to see and do and we have lots of room (well- sorta).

    Lots of love and holiday wishes to you all this time of year!!!

    Kelly (The Wide Mouth Frog)

    Monday, November 14, 2011


    It's all Kelly's fault that we can all claim to have a neurosurgeon in the family.

    It's all Kelly's fault that I got a bit jealous when my boyfriend showed me some nice lightening photos he took while sitting up at "make-out-point" with Kelly (He had to explain that Kelly was his little sister.)

    It's all Kelly's fault that the niece's and nephews in this family rarely said, "Please" or "Thank You", but rather thought, "You're my favorite aunt" was a great substitute for either. (To which I whole-heartedly agreed!!!)

    It's all Kelly's fault that my children have seen neither Gone With the Wind nor My Fair Lady (Chris seems to have a strange aversion to both movies,.. go figure?)

    Likewise,.. it's all Kelly's fault that I'm going to die laughing if either of her daughters marries a boy with the last name Higgins who happens to be pursuing a degree in phonics.

    It's all Kelly's fault that we have ample opportunity to go visit D.C.

    It's Kelly's fault that I think of more than just the Veterans on Veteran's Day!

    What else is Kelly's fault? Well,.. that's what we'd like to know! Submit your comments to: "It's all Kelly's fault that ____________..."

    After all,.... isn't that what this blog is here for???

    (Oh, and come to think of it... that's her fault too!!! :) )

    Kelly baby, I'm writing this for the second time just to let you know my commitment, I got distracted the first time and it got deleted. I knew it was someone's birthday on Nov 11 and I even thought it was Kelly's for a moment but I did nothing about it as Kelly would have. I don't think that is too bad considering I have 12 sibilings 7 kids & 1 wife and I have forgotten my wife's birthday twice in 30 years, that didn't go to well for me, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else.

    What can I say about Kelly the blog queen? It's hard for me to picture Kelly as the sofisticated woman that she is when I still remember her as the little girl that used to perform various skits from children's TV shows like S Street & Electric Company for us at campouts & for my dates when I brought them over to the house. Those usually went on for a few mintues until I thought of a treat I could send her off for our told her to "Go tell Mom she wants you" which seemed to end in tears about 1/2 the time, not my shining moment as a older brother.

    My favorite Kelly skit was the story of the Wiiiidddeee Mouutthh Frog who would go around asking all the neighborhood animals "Whaaat do you feed your BAAAABBBIESSS" everything goes fine for the frog & little Kelly's sweet face until she get's to Mrs. Alligators with the answer she feeds her babies "Wide Mouth Frogs" then the worried look & the closed mouth "oh" with a quick retreat.

    Kelly is far more amazing today than she was as a little girl when I was growing up with her. She moves around the country with relative ease raising kids sometimes on her own with a deployed husband. Juggling music lessons & parent teacher conferances, finding the best schools & the best shopping, Flying out to sisters Weddings & staying in touch with recalcitrant siblings who refuse to embrace technology, or big words for that matter. Kelly I'm glad to have you as a sister, and a friend, you keep me more informed from a long ways away than I stay living close to most of my siblings. You make up for a part of what we lost in this family we we lost Mom and I know she would be very proud of you for the love that you are spreading around our family. That is the best compliment that I could give anyone.

    I love you Kelly!

    Love your second meanest older brother, Roland