Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marcel-The Heart of a Champion!

When Marcy was born she was so dang small that we nick named her 'Mousy' and our mother protested.  She slept in the clothes closet in a white bassinet.  I particularly liked peeking in on her and seeing her little bald half-head peeking over the side.  She had her Mom's beautiful eyes.  She was anything but mousy.

Marcy soon learned (as we all did) to be plucky growing up in such a large family.  She was tough and strong and had night-time dreams of conquering wild animals by leaping on their backs and riding them into submission.  Perhaps these nightmares where the first inklings of her desires to work with animals.  I am certain they were also a peek into the psyche of this amazing sister of mine.  She has the infamous "Whatcott Bounce" we are always hearing about.  When you get knocked down you come back up fighting, and with each fight you only become stronger for it.  Our friend Marcy has lost some rounds but has never given up the fight.  I'd say the overall championship belt goes to.... Marcy!  Let's all run around in a circle with our fists in the air to the theme music from Rocky on her birthday shall we? Go ahead and shout "Yo Adrienne" a few times for good measure.

Needless to say we are proud of our sister for completing vet school and finding an awesome fiance along the way.  She has also found herself a job and a duplex like a big girl in the big world.  I hope that on her birthday this year she can reflect on the past 35 years with relief.  She has accomplished her goals with grace.  She has overcome her obstacles with courage.  She is someone I am proud to know.  Someone who is fun to be around. She is someone I trust.  I wish her all the best and commend her for what she has done.  We all look forward to seeing her get Married this fall.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Marcy.  Keep those feet dancing, lead with your left and never let your guard down.  Because as we all know, it's not what you do when you fall but what you do when you get back up that counts.  

Another being with the heart of a champion- Marcy's doggie Cricket.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In her latest post, Kelly mentioned that it's "getting a bit dusty" here on the family blog. Well,.. it must be from all the construction mess!!!

We will have a SECOND Marie Loveless within 48 hours! (Has there been an official ruling on the designations yet? Marie-dle-dee and Marie-del-Ray?)

The Lee wing in the final rundown to grand opening.

And the ever-more popular birthday stacking event: Brandon Seamons and Angela Whatcott shared September 13th! Dallas Hills and David Vogel will share this Friday, September 23rd. And THANK YOU Christine for the best Birthday present in AGES! Amy Rose is a doll!!!

Whether it was the "quick reference family guide" I made for Thelma,... or the amazing 3" binder I found at DI last month,... or my attempt to put the last 20 years of accumulated KGC family memorabilia into said binder and realizing it wasn't big enough,... Whatever,... I've decided to take advantage of this little "lull" in my life (kids are big enough not to need me around every minute, and grandkids are still a few years off) to see about getting this bulk a little more organized.

Please forgive me if somewhere in this process I become the stereo-typical geneology-crazed Aunt -- it's a very small leap, indeed!!! And barring my life taking another "scenic detour" (which the Lord likes to provide on occasion for our own edification and enrichment), I do plan on starting to contact some people (This could mean YOU!)

General Conference weekend is coming up,.. take advantage of the refreshing change in Sunday schedule to sit down and update your own family files. Remember to add not only the births and weddings, but also the baptism and endowment dates (and you can even put blessing dates in the "christening" line,.. since that's when LDS kids become "children of record")

At one point, I remember Dad Cruiser predicting that his posterity would number over 1,000,000 within 6 generations. And, though Chris and I did not meet his expectations (Dad had signed us up for SIX children! I ask, "Chris and WHICH wife? This one is maxed out!!!"), the family is still well on it's way!!!

So here's to all the construction "messes",.... the babies, the weddings, the funerals,...

And to the rest of the world,....