Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mission Call

Brazil-influenced eye
This sleepy little blog!  I'm sorry for not coming by more often.  It really could be so much more.  Especially with more contributers.  By now I'm sure that most of the family has heard our big news about Nathan's mission call.  He will be serving for 2 years in the Brazil Sao Paulo South mission.  Very shocking indeed.  We are in the process of processing this news.  He finishes up in Rexburg next month and will be coming home April 16th.  Yep, just booked the ticket.

By the way thank you to all the family that reached out on face book, email, phone, or text when we put the news out there.  I loved feeling all that support!  You guys are awesome.  Thanks!

Our Summer plans include getting him mission ready and taking a trip to Utah around the 4th of July.  We would welcome any visitors to the area if you are within traveling distance.  We love soaking in as many Whatcott Vogel faces as possible!

As for the rest of the Tagg family here's the skinny...

Evan: 16 and super teenagery.  Almost completed his driving requirements and ready to own a Mustang.  He needs about 4-5 K still but just came home with 60.00 he earned doing yard work today, so it's a start.

Drew: Super sweet kid still (mostly), happy violinist learning a tune called Millionaire's Ho-Down.  Look it up on UTube as it is very saweet!  He just started a new season of lacrosse.  He's a go getter.

Audrey: Just wrote an essay about a challenge she had to overcome.  It was about when her Dad went to Iraq.  She is very good.  The girl has fashion sense as well.  Her earrings are always matching.  Every. Day.

Eliza: Pleased with herself over her new found reading ability.  After finishing an easy reader booklet the other day she slammed it shut and pronounced with glee... "yeah, I can read"  She gives me good hugs

Troy and I keep very busy.  I've been working on a quilt for the girl's room with a pattern called tripple treat.  I hope it turns out.  We are pleased to be living life together.  I'm getting him a new hammock to replace the one Evan broke with his killer football over the house maneuver.  Can't wait to snuggle with him in it...