Friday, May 13, 2011

Dad is 82... Basically Ancient

I understand there will be a family open house for Dad on his birthday.  As much as we would love to be there and be "creamed" with you all, we will not be there.  Hopefully next year.  We are just waiting for a good excuse to come out and meet Grandma Thelma.  One other thing we are waiting for and that is for air fare to come down : )  So it may be a while.

In the mean time I would love to extend and invitation to anyone who wishes to come to our neck of the woods.  Even if you would just like to send a kid or two for a week with me in DC.  That would be welcomed!  The east coast Tagg Family would be glad shuttle some cousins around and see the sights.  Think it over!

Anyways I have decided to post our familys letter to Dad on the KGC blog... here goes.

Eliza's Answers
1-What does she love about Grandpa?  "I love how he makes something for me...does he make me things?"
2-Eliza's memory about Grandpa is him saying "I have eyes in the back of my head" (it's entirely possible she is mixing up her Grandpas here)
3-Eliza doesn't know how she is going to live her life to honor Grandpa.  She is 4 so we'll give her some time to think about that...

Audrey's Answers
1- What do we love about him?  Audrey said "he always has something funny to tell"
2-Audrey's favorite memory is playing "I love you the most" with Grandpa
3-One thing Audrey wants to do to him is give him a big hug and squeeze all the blood out of him.  (Classy no?  She may have misunderstood the last question but I liked that answer).

Drew's Answers
1-Loves that Grandpa has a big house.
2-Drew's favorite memory is having a competition with Grandpa over who was the tallest by raising up our arms higher than each other.
3-Drew is going to serve an honorable mission for Grandpa Whatcott.

Evan's Answers
1-Evan loves that he has a big personality.
2-Flying airplanes with him is a memory Evan has of Grandpa Whatcott.
3- Evan is going to learn to fly a plane to honor his Grandpa.

Nathan's Answers
1- Loves that Grandpa is a happy guy.
2-"Him making cheese pancakes for us" is Nathan's favorite memory
3-I am going to buy one of those plastic toys with the substances that don't mix together and are different colors.... They look like this:

Troy's Answers

1-What do you love about him?  "I love his laugh"
2-A favorite memory? "I knew I was welcomed into his family when upon my first visit to the house he offered me a slice off of his huge hunk of 'adult only' swiss cheese."
3-What will you do with your life to honor him?  "I will treat his daughter with love and respect"

Kelly's Answers
1-I love that my Dad has such great self confidence.  Nothing gets him down for too long and he has a big gigantic heart and wants to help out whenever he can.  
2-A favorite memory of mine (and his I think) is when he rescued me during a blizzard after my car had spun out and ran off the road while I was driving home from Colorado as a young college student.  He had to finish up his work that day and then come and get me in white out conditions over through steep canyon roads.  For years afterwards I was reminded of this event when I was working as a hygienist in his dental office, and patients would come through and say "Hey, weren't you that daughter of his that he rescued in the snow storm?  I was a patient that day!"  
3-To honor my Dad I will try and live a perfectly honest life.  His exactness in this department has always been an example to me.  Except for maybe that time he went to Montana to purchase a motor home to avoid paying state taxes on the vehicle.  But that's a grey area I guess.  Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Twins Turn 57!?

I can hardly believe I just revealed the age of the twins.  It's a good thing they don't read the blog or I'd probably be in trouble right?  I better be sure and state that they don't look their age at all.  No one in their right mind would think they had that many years behind them.  That is one good trait the Whatcotts have.  I hope to follow in those footsteps myself.

Some memories I have of Dawn and Diane will be shared in honor of their birthday today.  Please feel free to click on the comments button below and offer your own memories to mine.  This blog only really works well as a group effort.  And what a great way for us to keep in touch with each other right?  For those who live far away or don't get to see family much it could be a lifeline to the family.  Anyways- I will stop guilt tripping you all and get on with my post now : )

First Dawn... Dawn was like a little mother to me when I was small.  She was 15 when I was born.  We'd go on long walks in the mountains together.  She'd babysit me all the time.  I remember going on dates with her when she was a bit older.  Her dates gave me gifts.  It was a sweet gig.  She even brought me into the shower with her on occasion.  It was very informative and not at all creepy.  Dawny loved me like a daughter.  I had a great time with Dawn when she recently visited my family all by her big girl self.  Since her son has free air fare privileges, she has been a big-time traveler.  We saw the sights in DC together and she played with my kids a lot.  It sure was nice having someone dote on the kids.  She even slept in the girl's room with them.  No showers though.  Maybe next visit (just kidding).  I will always be glad that I have Dawn in my life.  She is a truly genuine nice person with a big heart.  A great sister,  I love her.

Care Free in DC

Now Diane.... Diane is also a great sister that I love.  She has the gift of gab and loves to chat with you on just about any topic.  She has been a great help to Dad in his time of need this past year ironing his shirts and cleaning for him.  She is determined and has pursued her education against large odds late in life.  I am so proud of her for getting her masters degree in education and for getting a teaching job.  She teaches 2nd grade.  I have a second grader and when I volunteer in her class I just think "whew!  Teaching in tough!"  I am ready to leave when my hour is up let me tell you.  I guess it's no big deal to Diane who has birthed enough kids in her lifetime to outnumber the rest of us.  Maybe she missed the noise so she had to go into teaching.  I will always remember the best Diane story from when we were traveling as a family in Mexico and we'd taken a boat to Puerto Vallarta.  She got to chatting innocently with a few frisky sailors.  Then it ended up in a cat and mouse chase around on the deck.  Luckily she got away unscathed.  I seem to recall one of the twins (could have been Dawn) having no clue when learning to drive and accidentally running into the curb, almost taking out a fire hydrant.  It would seem that the concept of turning the wheel back to the straight position after taking a turn hadn't quite set in yet.  Pretty darn funny when you think about it.

Though the twins have had their ups and downs I know that they both still care for one another.  I hope they can one day work out their problems.  It sure has made for some situation-filled Christmas parties though!  You know me, always looking for the bright side.

Happy Birthday to you both!

*Correction: I have been informed by Dawn that she was the one who ran into the fire hydrant and that it was due to icy road conditions...  My apologies!  

Also another update: Diane is recently engaged to be married in June.  Exciting news indeed!