Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Today Rhonda turns a year older.  I don't know exactly how old Rhonda is but she is WAY older than me.  She is a grandma!  You'd never know it though because she just keeps going and going.  She raises puppies and ride bikes and keeps busy with her grandkids.  Rhonda has always been sweet and lovely.  I remember watching her get ready for her dates by combing her beautiful long locks and then taking a small strand from the front on both sides and clipping it in the back.  It was quite a stylin look!  She also had the best smile with sparkling white teeth.

When she wasn't busy with boys she would be found practicing her drill team routines in front of the big glass window in the family room.  Lots of head flipping and hand slapping on one's thighs could be enjoyed by one and all.

Remember when some boy flipped her bra strap and got beat up by Brian for doing so?  Good times, good times!

I am thankful for Rhonda and her kind heartedness.  I hope she has a great birthday.

PS a belated post about Awesome Eric soon to come!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Marie

Marie in the middle 
Something I would like to do here on KGC blend is feature our relatives during the month of their birthday.  In the month of December there are 3 K/G offspring who celebrate their birthday.  Today is Marie's birthday!!!  Aren't we all glad there is a Marie in our family?  She is one of the nicest sisters one can have.  I remember growing up with Marie she was always happy to have you hang out in her room.  She had a great collection of stuffed mice and a large red standing stuffed poodle that I really wanted for my own.  It was one of those monstrous carnival prizes that make a child's heart beat faster.  I think it may have received some damage from my trying to ride it like a horse.  Marie never got upset.

Marie is the sister I like to call when I have parenting questions.  Her kids are all turning out so great that I know she must have all the answers.  In fact I called her this past week before she left for Mexico and asked her about what to do with an angry disrespectful teenager.  Do you know what her sage advice was?  Not to argue with them.  That will be really hard for this feisty Whatcott but I will give it a try.

I asked Marie what was new in her life and this was her report:
Trisha had her fifth baby on Thanksgiving day!  She had a boy and named him Dillin Scott.  It was her easiest delivery and I hear she is already thinking about having another one.  Go Trisha!  Trisha and her husband Brandon recently bought a plot of land to build on just a short distance (like a block or two) away from Lisa and Doug in Spanish Fork.  Won't that be fun for them?

I spoke with Randy for a quick moment and he told me how much he loves the Whatcott trait of "getting things done."  He assured me that Whatcott's were not all bad and I was like "what?!  I thought Whatcotts were practically perfect in every way.  That's what my Dad always taught me.  Anyways I hope Marie has a wonderful birthday this year.  We all know she deserves it.  Please leave a comment with a favorite Marie memory.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Family of Zombies

This "Dead Bride" idea is fast becoming a nationwide family favorite! This is a picture of Megan Vogel in her costume for the Halloween concert of ZYSO (Zion Youth Symphony Orchestra). The cello was drug on stage behind her (like a disembodied limb). She's now 15,... so we're glad to know the flies and maggots MIGHT keep the boys away a little while longer. -ha!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sclafanis-A Look Back

 Last October the Taggs enjoyed a visit with this happy couple.
 We ate and laughed and marveled at all the sisterly similarities we posses.  
Shauna worked her creative magic on some Halloween costumes for my kiddos.  Here is some of her handywork:  
Dead bride (Audrey) and Cinderella (Eliza)
I believe you've already met Elvis/Drew.  
Shauna found this great jacket at the thrift store for me. 
 I never knew Shauna liked to be tickled so much.  It tickled me to see her so happy.