Monday, February 6, 2012

Request for Nathan Memories

Hi family, Kelly here.  Some of you may know that my oldest son Nathan is turning 18 on Feb 8th 2012.  I am in the process of planning some surprises for him.  Perhaps you'd like to see the birthday Evite photo I sent out recently...

Help us surprise Nathan on his birthday

Surprise Party for Nathan Tagg

    People are going to come dressed as their favorite redhead and we'll eat carrot cake and have an (orange) nerf-gun war and drink orange crush and gingerale.  Peppermint patties and sunscreen will be the party favors.  Perhaps I get into this a bit too much.  There's more, but I'll spare you and get to my real question...

    The second surprise he has coming will happen on his actual birthday a couple days before this friend party and that is the part I wanted to invite you to participate in if you have any desire at all.  Since Nathan is turning 18 and it's such a big milestone year I want to ask people who have memories of Nathan growing up to email me a write up of some sort for a "this is your life Nathan Tagg" type thing for him to have.  I know we have not lived close so many of you will not have a clue.  I'm not expecting anything from you.  But if you have visited me or remember something funny/touching about Nathan from one of the times we were in Utah together please email me at before Feb 8th.  Thanks a bunch.  BTW here is what Nathan looks like to jog your memory.
    What a handsome devil!