Monday, November 14, 2011


It's all Kelly's fault that we can all claim to have a neurosurgeon in the family.

It's all Kelly's fault that I got a bit jealous when my boyfriend showed me some nice lightening photos he took while sitting up at "make-out-point" with Kelly (He had to explain that Kelly was his little sister.)

It's all Kelly's fault that the niece's and nephews in this family rarely said, "Please" or "Thank You", but rather thought, "You're my favorite aunt" was a great substitute for either. (To which I whole-heartedly agreed!!!)

It's all Kelly's fault that my children have seen neither Gone With the Wind nor My Fair Lady (Chris seems to have a strange aversion to both movies,.. go figure?)

Likewise,.. it's all Kelly's fault that I'm going to die laughing if either of her daughters marries a boy with the last name Higgins who happens to be pursuing a degree in phonics.

It's all Kelly's fault that we have ample opportunity to go visit D.C.

It's Kelly's fault that I think of more than just the Veterans on Veteran's Day!

What else is Kelly's fault? Well,.. that's what we'd like to know! Submit your comments to: "It's all Kelly's fault that ____________..."

After all,.... isn't that what this blog is here for???

(Oh, and come to think of it... that's her fault too!!! :) )


  1. Thank you Stephanie. This was so well written! You are getting to be a regular blogger over here. Way to show an example for the rest. Love you Stephanie!!!

  2. It's all Kelly's fault that I like to call out: "KEEP SIIIIINGING!!!" to my little daughter.
    love you, Aunt Kelly